The accuracy of our automatic cutting machines provide a perfect puzzle interlocking joins.

All PaviFlex rubber products are produced in tiles four sides puzzle that are really easy to install just placing the tiles on the existing plain, solid and clean surface and puzzle interlock them without glue. Easy, clean and fast.

The interlocking system of puzzle is cut with automatic cutting machines of ultimate technology providing an accurate shape that fit perfectly when joining them together.

The flexibility of our materials and how easy they can be manipulated makes our flooring to be adapted in a simply way to all the elements in the room like corners, pillars, doors, etc.

Although our flooring really easy to install, we provide also the installation service. Our installation team has a long experience of years and hundred of fitness centers built.


Performance Gym Flooring

Our Most Popular Floorings


High resistance fitness flooring designed with virgin rubber, built for medium load free weights.


High density artificial grass with a comfortable, natural, feel for indoor & outdoor training.


Tatami flooring designed to reduce impacts, reducing the risk of injuries while offering the optimal surface for karate, judo or kung fu.


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