PaviFlex Action has been specially developed for all type of supervised activities. It is an exceptional flooring for aerobic areas where you also need to use equipment.

Product Detail


Action is made with the optimal density to increase the balance, absorb the impact and reduce the athletes fatigue helping to the energy restoration, getting the regularity of rebounds and reducing the risk of injuries when training.

This is a floor with an optimum friction coefficient for exercises where the athlete movement is the most important.

It is waterproof and it does not absorb water or sweat, so it is a really easy to clean and maintain floor.

Action is available in a wide range of colors, including the wood effect and the marble effect. The installation does not require glue, just puzzle interlock the tiles on the existing clean and plain surface.

Action can be customized with any logo marking or design, so everyone can create their own corporate space.

Long Lasting | Excellent Grip | High Performance | Customization | Elegant Design | Easy to clean and maintain

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