Fitness Pro Eco

Fitness Pro Eco is a price wise compact product with exceptional properties.

Product Detail

Fitness Pro Eco

PaviFlex Fitness Pro Eco is the less expensive and the best sustainable solution for the gym. It is produced with recycled material of our premium products, becoming a greatest choice when looking for a free weights and heavy equipment resistant flooring.

The highest density of the compact virgin eco rubber makes our Fitness Pro Eco to absorb impacts, support the heaviest equipments and reduce vibration and noises.

It is water proof, it does not absorb water or sweat, so it is really easy to clean and maintain with water and non abrasive soap.

A sustainable product fully customizable that works perfect together with Fitness PRO for highlighting areas with logos, designs and markings.

Price Wise Product | Excellent Grip | Long Lasting | Subsoil Protection | Acoustic Isolation | Water proof | Easy Maintenance

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